How to Offer Physically Disabled People VIP Spa Treatments!

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Spa Treatment photo. Terra cotta colored rocks in a waterfall. The words VIP SPA Treatments are in white across the photo.

This article is for you, my friend. You deserve VIP spa treatments! We should pamper ourselves whenever possible. Our skin deserves to feel smooth, rejuvenated, and relaxed. I’ve been getting facials forever. If done correctly, you’ll return to the spa and tell others about it. Trust me! This is more than a luxury, it’s a form of self love. We deserve it too. If you know someone who owns a spa salon, share this article with them. When we bring awareness, we all get the VIP spa treatment.

Provide Access to Spa Treatments

Choose a spa salon that has accessible parking spots. I don’t mean down the block or across the street. This is important. What’s the point of going to a great spa salon for a relaxing treatment when you’re going to leave stressed out as you maneuver your way to your vehicle?

I used to go to a spa located in a strip mall. But the accessible parking was so far away that it wasn’t worth the push. Keep that in mind because the spa treatment is supposed to make you feel calm and rejuvenated, not exhausted and frustrated.

Let’s say you are going to get dropped off by someone else, you should feel safe getting out of the vehicle. There should be a safe drop off spot. Safe curb cuts too.

Okay now, the disabled client is entering the spa. Where’s the front entrance? Is it accessible? No steps? A ramp? Or are you going to make us feel as if we are the delivery people and go in from behind the location? How does this give us a feeling of the VIP treatment? Not working for me.

Inside the Spa

Once you are inside, there should be a lowered counter for you to announce your presence. The person who will be performing the facial should have a conversation with you to review the information they should have asked when you booked the appointment. Now I will tell you this, my audacious friend, you need to let them know when you book the point that you are disabled.

They should ask you questions prior to the booking to ensure they are able to give you the VIP spa treatment. After all, you are paying for it. If this hasn’t happened, you can’t be surprised when they are surprised that you will need accommodations. Make sure you tell them what you can and cannot physically do.

Here is a list of questions to ask them on the phone. But these aren’t the only questions. Make sure you let them ask you questions. It is a great sign if they do. It means they care about your experience with them.

  • Does the facial table lower so you can transfer yourself?
  • Will they be able to help you transfer? Can you bring someone with you to help you?
  • What should you do to prep for the treatment?
  • Do their products work well with your medication?

The more you prepare, the more relaxed you will be. I say this as someone who can physically do most of what is expected, but I want to make sure you can live this diva lifestyle, too.

My Tips for VIP Spa Treatments at Salons

  • When I’ve gone, I’ve worn my most comfortable clothing because I know that I will be laying down for at least one hour on their facial bed.
  • I let my friends and family know that this diva will be occupied for at least two hours. I give myself the extra time because I want to enjoy the experience with my own thoughts.
  • I make sure I have cash on hand for the tip afterwards
  • I only proceed with the facial if I feel comfortable with the facialist. If not, I leave. No shame in it.
  • I ask that they tell me what they are going to do before they do it. If they are going to shut the lights, I want to know first.

At Home Spa Treatments

Facial treatments aren’t always accessible in our cities. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have one. My mom gave me and my sister our first facial treatment. Before the internet was screaming with “do it yourself home treatments”, we were putting honey, egg whites, and avocados on our faces. NOT all at the same time. But it did make us feel silky and youthful, of course, we were new teenagers so youthful wasn’t a big stretch.

But I wanted to keep that feeling. So I gave myself facials whenever possible. Now the internet makes it easier to find experts who will give you the VIP spa treatments at home. Definitely look for people with an online presence who have their license. Read the reviews. Don’t jump at the first person with a great deal. This is your skin! Your face. Love it.

Now if you want to give yourself the VIP spa treatment at home, it’s very possible. I do this on a regular basis because there’s such a lack of accessibility in Miami, Florida when it comes to spas. Maybe this article will improve the situation, but in the meantime, this is what I do.

Spa Treatment Environment at Home

I set up my environment to receive a relaxing experience. Lit candles, they don’t need to be scented. It’s for ambience. Sounds if it relaxes you. If you prefer silence, that’s great too. This is about creating an experience that feeds all of you including your senses. I choose music that fits my mood at the time. Sometimes I will put romantic music, other times classical, pop or nature sounds.

Before I take out the spa products, my area needs to be clean and free from clutter. Fresh towels readily available. My cool basil and watermelon drink mix that I copies from my time at a resort. Or water with mint or sliced cucumbers which I first tasted during one of my travels. You decide which healthy drink you’ll be sipping from throughout the experience.

Refreshing glass of basil and watermelon juice on a table.

At Home Spa Treatment Products

As time goes by, your skin will change. Therefore, the products might change. Sometimes it’s not aging, but seasonal. Your spa treatment will be different as well. I’ve used several top of the line skincare lines. I can’t say which one you should use because I’m not a skin expert and because we might not have the same skin issues.

Do your research wisely. I’m currently using products from Savor Beauty. I need to write a review about them. Yes, I know put it on my to do list. I like their products for two important reasons. On their website, they tell you which product goes with that particular skin type or skin issue. The second reason, which is a big one for me, is that the products are numbered. If I’m going to give myself the full VIP spa treatment, I don’t want to waste time deciding which product goes on first, second, third, etc. Their products eliminates the hassle. P.S. you can email them questions about their products and they actually reply within a reasonable time.

But you can actually make your homemade facial products with honey, egg whites, avocados, sugar, strawberries. Here’s a Marie Claire article with some suggestions. Click here.

Spa Treatments: Salons or Home?

One day, I know every spa salon will be totally inclusive. We won’t have to worry about safely entering the salon, getting on the table for the facial, or feeling truly accepted. Disabled people are audacious and resourceful. We will speak with our buying power. If salons aren’t accessible, we will take our money elsewhere.

What are your favorite facial products? Do you have a spa day? Any spa salons that you’d recommend your audacious friends? Let us know in the comments.

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