Stocking Stuffer

In cultureShock, Entertainment by Nathasha Alvarez

What do you get your athletic friend with a physical disability for the holidays? MURDERBALL!

The absolutely most talked about, least viewed by the world and most widely acclaimed documentary about a wheelchair rugby team.

This is not a dry documentary about the woe-is-me people that mainstream media loves to sensationalize and it is not the story about a bunch of supercrips.

This is a genuine look at a group of men who love the physical contact that wheelchair rugby has at every turn.

The men are not perfect but the storyline is great. Every character has a unique background and a different reason to risk more physical damage to their already disabled bodies.

It has action,comedy, drama, sex, romance, rugby and wheelchairs. Great combination!

If you know a doctor, nurse, physical therapist, anyone who comes into contact with physically disabled people, then this is the must see movie.

If you know people who only have pity in their eyes then loan them the movie. This is a must see for the world.

Unfortunately, all the hype on MTV and late night talk shows did not do the movie justice. The missing link was us, the disabled community.

We should have pushed, skipped, hobbled, and scootered our way into every movie theater and then encouraged every single person to see it also.

Many of the characters became guests on talk shows to promote the documentary and unfortunately, it seemed as if they were promoting themselves.

In fact, on MTV they were with the people in the show JACKASS and that basically described their behavior as well.

If you saw the features on the talk shows ignore, erase and block it out of your mind. Then, go to your local dvd rental place and check the movie out.

It is a great documentary that deserves more recognition and support then what it received.

It is a must have for any collector who is proud to have the disabled community portrayed in an honest and refreshing manner.