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Thank Goodness For Family. I sure do love mine.

My hysterectomy is done – the surgery went well and I’m healing slowly but nicely. After two nights in the hospital, it was over. It was time to go….

….to my parents’ house. Remember last month, all my frets and fears leading up to my surgery? Mainly, my worries about how on earth would I deal with the care and management of my daughter while abiding by all the rules and restrictions for a successful recovery? How could I do it all? Simple – just move in with the parents.

About two weeks before my surgery, while I was visiting my parents, my mom offered that I, my husband and Ella could stay with them for awhile immediately following my surgery.

That way, I’d not have to deal with stairs since they live in a ranch-style home, my mom would constantly be around to watch after Ella and to help me get around, and Hubby would be able to return more quickly to his regular work schedule.

Great! Sounded good to me.

Thank you so much!

We ended up staying about a week and a half. And let me tell you, what a life I led for that time! No worries concerning Sweetie’s care. Daily naps for me. Yummy meals served to me at my distinguished seat of honor on my parents’ love seat.

Sleeping in while Ella woke Nana every morning to fix her “morning milk” and turn on her favorite cartoons. Not to mention all the wonderful tender loving care I received from everyone.

Wow – how wonderful is all that?

My sister-in-law even came to visit one day, bringing with her two pans full of homemade chicken parmigiana for that night’s dinner. Do I have a great family, or what?!

Of course there were some downfalls, mostly concerning Ella. She was somewhat spoiled by her grandparents – eating what she liked, staying in her jammies ‘til noon almost every day, and lots of over-stimulation from everyone in the house.

It’s funny, though, because even Ella noticeably got tired of it all. Since she’d been at Nana’s since right before my surgery, she was more anxious to get home sooner than we were. But we all survived.

Our stay worked out quite well and I’m ever so grateful for all that my parents have done for me.

Now, we’re home. As of this writing, Hubby is going to work in the morning and Ella and I will be alone for the first time since my surgery. But I think we’ll do just fine.

Sure, Hubby will have to make sure we’re both downstairs before he leaves since I can’t do the stairs on my own yet. And he’ll have to make sure my indoor firewood supply is well stocked. But as far as Ella and I are concerned – we’ll do great.

I’m still a bit sore, but I have medications to temper that. Ella seems to understand my limitations. She asks me every day if I’m still sore. She offers to modify games she’d like me to play with her so I don’t have to move off the couch.

I’m able to get up, go to the kitchen, and prepare her simple foods. And I can help her in the bathroom if she really needs assistance. We’re a good team and we’ll be fine.

However, we’re not in the clear just yet. We’ll need to go back to my parents’ once Hubby starts back at his night job later this week. But that’s certainly manageable. I need the help with getting Ella to bed, after all.

Even though I feel I could, I know I shouldn’t be climbing stairs yet, which is unavoidable if we were to stay here. So off to my parents’ we’ll go again. Oh well – you do what you have to do.

I’m so completely appreciative of all that my parents’ do and have done for me. I realize there are other disabled adults out there who are not so close to their families – either physically or emotionally – and would therefore not have the option of receiving family help during the tougher times.

So I know how lucky I am, believe me. My parents – my entire family – are the greatest. I only wish I could do something outlandishly fantabulous for them to show how much they mean to me.

Happy February, everyone. Happy Valentine’s Day. Take the time this month to show those you love – your family, your friends, your cat, whatever – just how much they mean to you.

Hopefully, from the love and support they’ve given you throughout the years, you’ve gained your own strengths and wisdom to move forward with your own life, fulfilling your dreams, reaching your goals, and gaining personal strength every step of the way.
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