Terri’s Case

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Five years ago, my sister -in- law had a asthma attack, on the way to the hospital she “died”. At the hospital she was brought back and sent on down to the Louisville hospital.

There she stayed about a month.

The doctors told my brother-in-law (BIL) and all their children that she was brain dead and the best thing would be to” pull the plug.”

My BIL was going to do that, each of their five children had told their Mom good bye, but when my BIL went to tell her goodbye, her heart rate sped up. That was enough for my BIL and he would not go thru with it.

Today, she is still living in a nursing home, she is 40, her body is mostly in the fetal position, although she has some use of her hands. But amazingly her mind is sharp! She can remember everything, and although she does talk with a slur, you can understand her.

There is nothing wrong with her brain, even though she was said to be brain dead. And in a coma for long period of time.

Today she does get to come home sometimes on the weekend, she loves family get together’s, and she is a Grandma! She can not hold her grandson without help, but he knows who she is!

Her dream is to come home. Their home, an old trailer, is out in the country. My BIL is trying desperately to find someway to find a house nearby us, so we can help him in taking care of her. He has not had any luck yet, the house is too small, and can not be remodeled to accommodate her wheelchair, or the price to high. But we are not giving up the dream of bringing Cindi home!
But if my BIL had not listened to his heart, and listened to the doctors 5 years ago, Cindi would be gone. Yes, it has been a hard 5 years on him and Cindi, and their children, but he would do it all again he says, just to have Cindi alive.

So just because a doctor says brain dead, God might have other ideas!
Thank you, Nina

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