The Chair and Rain

In Features, My Piece of the Sky by Yasir Khan


Rain comes falling down,

Cool breeze eluding upon,

Seducing fragrance of the wet soil,

Freshens the breath the summer’s toil.

Thirst leaves quench along,

Trees dance following ambience of a song,

Rain drops being the orchestra,

Nature celebrates its own fiesta.

Making bubbles in the water,

Then flowing to unknown quarters,

Hidden tales remain unspoken,

Rules of a game remain unbroken.

All the tiny droplets follow one another,

Comes down all the way with lightening and thunder,

Not knowing where they would fall,

Just keep their faith and stand tall.

Rain comes and goes,

Without any difference for friends and foes,

Leaving behind a rainbow in the sky,

Which favors of your Lord will you deny?



Yes, I am in a chair

I have no fear or despair

As God made me braver than many

He gave me a burden which I can carry.

Don’t look at me with sympathy

But don’t leave me in apathy

I am no junk or trash

If given a chance I will prove it with a bash.

My life may be difficult

Yet, I am born lion-hearted.

Striving for better without streak
Hope is still strong, never bleak.

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