The Conference Attendees of LPA: Little People Big Fun

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Reuniting with friends at the LPA conference

The people who attend the Little People of America have been known to party. I am here to set the rumor straight! They party!

They know how to party and have a great time with each other. Every night was club night with people of all ages sliding, rolling, stepping and gliding across the dance floor and any other available space.

There were friendly smiles and hugs as people greeted each other. It looked like the biggest family reunion for little people. There was a group of young ladies who said they had not moved from that one spot in over an hour, catching up on each others’ lives. See the photo.

I won’t really discuss the actual meetings that were held because I really didn’t go to any of them since I was busy playing, “Who’s the Boss?”. Read the first article in this issue to find out more.

However, I met the most amazing and wonderfully friendly people in the lobby of the hotel. They encouraged me from taking a break in my game to attend two gatherings, the professional meeting and the international mixer.

They were both great but I really loved the professional one the best. I love meeting movers and shakers in the world and this group definitely had its share of them.

My favorite times were spent in small groups at the restaurant and bar with the peope I had met like Winn, Andera, Ray, Simon, Amanda, and Alma.

If I could make a suggestion to the people who organize the next conference, I would suggest more activities during the day at the hotel because I heard from some people that transportation to other places wasn’t as easy as they thought it could be for such a big event.

I was more concerned with people like myself who came at the last minute and found out that they were paying $170 to simply be there because almost all of the activities were sold out and there were no alternate activities for the rest of us.

Luckily for us, we were able to entertain each other. There is a big heart when we all get together.

A perfect example would be the great people I met at the airport’s bus stop who quickly helped me with my luggage, catching the shuttle and getting into the hotel.

Matt Roloff Smiles with Two Latina Divas On Wheels who happen to be big fans of his reality show, “Little People, Big World”

If you are a little person and want to meet other little people then I strongly suggest you think about attending the next LPA conference. There are local, state and national meetings.

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