The Evolution of Ignorance

In Everyone has one, Features, Opinion by Erich Cella

Evolution has recently been under attack from religious zealots in order to encourage the teaching of a theistic concept called, intelligent design.

This theory of creationism is threatening to destroy the impact that scientific thought and education has on our society and replace it with a fantasy.

Evolution may not be a hundred percent accurate or utterly flawless but the key to having credibility attached to a specific notion is that there has to be an abundance of scientific evidence to support an argument that you’re trying to formulate.

In this instance, evolution would have to be the appropriate and viable option, when it comes to what theory should be taught in our schools.

I’m not against teaching any conflicting scientific thought that may challenge evolution but it must sustain heavy scrutiny in the scientific community and gain the legitimacy it requires to compete with other theories.

We just have to make sure that education is the one thing in this country that stands clear of the mindless propaganda that has been feeding the rusty and corroded apparatus, called religion.

The sanctity of prayer and religious belief has been sabotaged by interest groups and the arrogance of thinking that Christianity is the only religion that’s accurate.

It’s not difficult to see why we’re even discussing this polarizing issue when you have the collective thought that one religion is more accurate than another individual’s beliefs. When you begin to defy common sense and science, we are weakening the progressive underpinnings that made us a superpower.

It is not a shock that in the last few years we have fallen behind the eight ball on education and in the world of medicine. Teaching our young and impressionable that an invisible man in the sky created man and women and calling it a scientific theory will poison their critical thinking.

This will gradually contribute to the long downward spiral that will abolish separation of church and state and transform us into the middle-east.

I am embarrassed that in the year 2005 we cannot draw a line of distinction between simple reasoning and barbaric self absorbing prophesies that can massage the insecurities of someone who is afraid to die.

We have to fumigate the mirror that has been engulfed by a thick grimy muck that has been festering throughout our eternal ignorance and individual torment and stare into it, to unchain us from social slavery.

“The mind is a terrible thing to waste” is an apt slogan for this looming theocracy that can influence

the future of America in a freighting manner and should serve as an anthem to express how I feel.
This is a war that sensible and compassionate human beings cannot afford to lose, and we must not dismiss this issue as politics and sweep it under the rug.

I am proud of the fact that it has been made possible by those before us to practice our religious beliefs without prosecution but it is downright superficial to think it is possible to try to shape society to conform to meet a bogus religious ideal of a fanatic group.

The educational system is already under performing and failing the expectations that the parents have, for what the school should provide for their children, so it is essential to not allow this ludicrous debate over intelligent design to hinder any possible progress.

It’s no coincidence that throughout the violent and turbulent history of this planet, religion is the largest killer when compared to disease, natural disasters or even war, due to division and dissension caused by differences of creed.

We must not continue the trend that has caused nothing but distress and heartache to so many families so let us not raise our kids in this spiteful and ignorant climate.
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