The Few, The Proud, The Neglected

In Everyone has one, Opinion by Erich Cella

With rivers of profuse blood flowing through the sandy streets of cities such as Baghdad and Mosul, it’s just downright appalling how heartless this uninformed society has become.

Severed limbs and broken spirits seem to be par for the course in war ravaged battlegrounds as wave of insurgent attacks continue to trump whatever impossible expectations that our president puts on the military, in order to secure Iraq.

It’s just plain embarrassing how our president talks about fighting the terrorists over there so we don’t have to fight them over here, since it implies that it’s more convenient for our young men and women to give their lives in the middle east than it is for any warm blooded mammal who inhabits the good old U.S.A.

How do you think all the innocent people or all the innocent children in Iraq feel about that ignorant statement?

How about the sleeping infants who had their roofs collapse on their cribs during the whole shock and awe campaign?

How about the limbless soldier who needs prosthetic tools in order to feed themselves to the dismay of their loved ones?

Most importantly, how about the reduction of benefits and the frequency to which a reservist is called back into duty, even though they signed up for one weekend a month and have limited experience in their military field?

All these ignored issues and war time horrors are not part of what cable news channels report on a nightly basis and therefore the public seems to have a guilt free conscious over what is happening overseas.

Our collective compassion and responsibility have become abandoned, much like our brave men and women.

The few missing teens in Aruba and news about the recent heat wave are saturating our empty souls with meaningless sludge that becomes mindless supper banter for families around this hollow country.

It’s also ridiculous how our president’s approval rating has decreased significantly and how support for the war has declined but when it came time to cast that ballot, Bush was planted right back to the oval office.

I realize many republicans have changed their minds, due to the lack of progress in Iraq, but it’s way too late, especially when human lives are involved.

Another piece of buried news was the shocking discovery that the government was a billion dollars short on veterans’ benefits and these benefits are integral to the standard of living that gives our heroes the dignity that they deserve.

This story was just a series of travesties that are tearing the military apart as this bloody conflict escalates. The lack of armor supplied to the military and the failure of the administration to provide enough soldiers on the ground to secure the borders and contain the insurgency from spreading throughout Iraq was a major blunder by the Bush administration and endangered the mission and put the military in danger.

They were like sitting ducks and still are, as suicide bombers carry out their daily killing sprees.

What’s worst of all is the discomforting fact that we are not meeting our recruiting goals when it comes to the army and are shamelessly recruiting men and women that are not fit to fight a war and have no idea what they’re getting into and are fighting an enemy that cannot be easily pinpointed.

These are people who have no other way out of their impoverished environments but to sign their lives away for a society who could not lend a hand to liberate them from their own personal hell that‘s holding them back from whatever dreams they might want to pursue.

When it comes to our safety the public has no problem with these hard luck kids giving their blood and tears to a blurred mission but God forbid these materialistic vultures pay their taxes or call their congress representatives to raise minimum wage.

We love to tell everyone that we support our troops and that dissent will destroy the troops’ morale, but this false backing and mindless rhetoric is more disparaging to the war effort than we’re lead to believe.

It’s as if everyone is conditioned to proclaim that we must support the troops and that this message will reset our cynical train of thought.

These people should organize a cult and constantly chant their beloved phrase while sacrificing a few goats. The leaders of the cult would include such brilliant philosophers as Rick Santorum and Joseph Lieberman.

It’s not a sin to support the troops and it’s important that we acknowledge the sacrifice they make but when it’s used to get someone elected or launch a political career, it’s hypocritical and condescending.

These mindless war mongers love to wrap themselves in the flag and pound on the drum but how many of them have attended a funeral for a fallen soldier and how many has George W. Bush attended?

The most upsetting aspect of this disaster is that most people in the army have no choice but to follow our coward of a president and give it no second thought. Granted it’s their job to follow orders and execute their mission goals and objectives but the chaotic nature of this conflict is not conducive to their training.

It’s heartbreaking to see the future of our country being thrown into the fire and have no choice but to burn.
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