The Forest and the Tumbleweed

In Columns, Just My Bellybutton, Opinion by Nathasha Alvarez


Should I fight back against the unfairness of the world?
Should I demand equality?
What hills and holes does the world have in store for me
I fear the forest with the tall walking trees,
They bump into each other and do not see me.

I feel their curious, creepy stares as if those round sight marbles
were inches away from me.
Is the world a forest or is there a large, growing meadow where I
can move and flowers to appreciate their uniqueness like me?
Perhaps one day I will lean on a tall walking tree and it won’t move
but support me through the hills and holes.
Do they feel they are superior to me just because they can see more
than me?
Or is it because I am a tumbleweed that rolls between them?
They forget we are all from the same family, and I like them have
places to explore and adventures to seek.
Will I allow a branch to change my direction?
Or a stump to stomp my path?
NO! I shall roll in the forest until I get to the meadow.
Everything has a purpose and I shall find mine.
Because trees and tumbleweeds can live together fine.