The OI Foundation’s 14th Biennial National Conference

In Here's the Spin, News by Jamie Kendall

The Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation (OIF) sponsored their 14th Annual Conference in Dallas, Texas, June 23- 27th.

By virtually all accounts, it was an incredible success, with over 600 particip

ants in attendance, and over 200 individuals first comers to an OIF conference.

Jamie Kendall, OIF President, feels that the Biennial Conference is the most important event for persons with OI in terms of getting the best information, and meeting other individuals from their community.

“People of all ages were in attendance, which was important as it helps OIF meeting their goal to bring the community together by reaching out to children and their caregivers and to adults”.

Over 65 sessions were provided ranging from home adaptability, employment, adoption, peer support sessions to the latest cutting edge research on treatments for OI.

The conference got off to the right start with motivational speaker Randy Graise leading the opening session entitled ” Designing a Winning Destiny” Graise has OI, and has a successful career as an entrepreneur, speaker, consultant and trainer.

“It is crucial for young people with OI to meet successful, independent OI adults”, said Kendall. “Randy Graise is a great mentor”.

The conference also included many opportunities for people of all ages and types of OI to socialize and have a good time. Highlights of the social program include the Pre-Teen Game Night, the Friday Night Dance party and Saturday’s Banquet, Awards Ceremony and Talent Show.