The Republican’s Bible

In Everyone has one, Opinion by Erich Cella

Being exposed to the oppressive Catholic rhetoric at an early age and into my early teenage years has turned me into a religious cynic, but the way the Republican party has used religion to manipulate the public, has alienated me to a more substantial extent.

Now this isn’t just some radical concept that I just cooked up, it has been going on for years, and now it’s affecting how we vote and view our government. Separation of church and state has become an obsolete American institution as the line that should never have been crossed has been blurred and stepped over more frequently.

It seems hard to believe that the language of God has become so hateful and prejudice when love and acceptance was the original message. It’s almost as if someone has been taking words out of the bible and has been substituting them with words that would appeal to the religious right.

Love was replaced with hate, acceptance replaced with bigotry, and truthfulness replaced with deceitfulness. I may not be a bible connoisseur or a religious man but there are so many universal teachings that have been constructed by common sense and humanity that appear in the bible that have been ignored by so many religious zealots.

You cannot just blame the government, as hoards of ritualistic servants bow down and continually get shafted, as they have been bamboozled by the republican machine.

Religion, throughout history, has been the largest eradicator of humans compared to diseases or natural disasters. So, do we really want to be divided in society when it comes to that? Do we really want these fanatics to start to influence the type of Supreme Court judges that inhabit the court or for them to influence private decisions that should be made by family members?

As of late, there has been a push by republicans to intervene in private affairs, such as abortion and euthanasia issues, by using religious teachings and trying to gain support from the religious right to abolish privacy.

The republicans have begun to interject their bogus faith into government by using their faith to shape policies that affect this country. They are using supernatural beliefs as a guide to decide how they vote and how they legislate. This is a bad omen that could jeopardize the freedoms we bled for throughout the formation of America.

The next bit of this disgusting trend is the endorsement to pass a bill to stop filibusters in order to block judicial nominees mainly due to the fact that republicans cannot agree on the decisions that the judges make. The judges are not there to make a popular decision, just the correct one, so if the decision conflicts with their religious beliefs than they‘ll just have to chew on it for a while or live somewhere else.

These mischievous demons cannot come to grips with the fact that these are private issues that should have no influence from an outsider who is trying to forward his agenda and has no idea of the situation that he’s interfering with.

Earlier in the article I said republicans were using their bogus faith to influence their decisions and there have been so many hypocritical examples to disprove how religious they are. First of all, the head honcho, President Bush, who keeps repeating to his base to value the culture of life, but when he was Governor of Texas, he executed more people than anyone has before him.

Another example is when Tom Delay wanted to keep Terri Schiavo alive, which went against the wishes of her and her husband, and thought it was in his best interest to get involved. Well, it was very ironic that when his father was dying he made the same choice that Michael Schiavo fought to do. Die with dignity.

So how can the religious right continue to trust these hypocrites to pilot their agendas when they keep parachuting their way out of the plane before it goes crashing into the mountains?

It’s easy too see why when you are talking about a group of people who believe that they know what god is real and know that everybody else is wrong. Or if you want to go further, they believe in something they can’t prove, so how can they tell when the wool is being pulled over their eyes?

I’m fine with the freedom to worship wherever or whenever you please, it’s the basis of freedom, but do not push your beliefs on me or try to mix God with politics!

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