These Books Make Great Presents for You and Others.

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Great presents? Books! Everyone knows that.

I put a list together for you. Some books have been written by disabled people. We must remember that we, the disabled population, love to read books. So why not share that love with others?
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Here we go!

Taniya smiling at the camera with her arms crossed.

Our book journey starts with Taniya Faulk’s book, here and her dating life here. Now you can read her memoir in her book, Perfectly Broken. Who should read the book? Well, she has Osteogenesis Imperfecta like me. She shares her challenges regarding school life, her dating life, and her medical situation. Not only does she have OI, she has epilepsy as well. You get to cheer her on as she pursues her interests no matter what. So pick up the book for someone who wants some lighthearted reading about serious topics. Bop! It goes into your shopping cart!

Natalie Lloyd smiling at the camera with a bookshelf in the background.

Moving right along, we have another writer with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. I love Natalie Lloyd’s books. Although they cater to the younger generation, they are fun and exciting to read. Her latest book, Hummingbird has the main character in a wheelchair! Woohoo! I love that. Honestly, what’s not to love?Kids who aren’t disabled are loving the book as well. It’s earned several literary kudos too. I spoke to Natalie several months ago to interview her and we became audacious friends ever since. If you have someone ages 10 and up, check out her latest novel. Actually, check out all of her novels. Shouldn’t we support the people within our community who have an infectious fun loving attitude? I will be writing an article about my conversation with Natalie. Be sure to check back with us.

Bop! Her novels go into your shopping cart. I know the shopping cart is getting full. But there are more great reads for your family, friends and yourself.

For example, we can’t go without adding Alice Wong’s books to your shopping list. Alice has spinal muscular atrophy like many of my friends so after reading her book, my SMA friends and I discussed the rawness and vulnerability in Wong’s storytelling. We all agree that you should read her latest memoir, Year of the Tiger: An Activist’s Life. Once you read it, pass it on to others or give them their own copy because it’s definitely worth keeping on your personal bookshelf for rereading.

Later on, grab her previous book, Disability Visibility: First-Person Stories from the Twenty-First Century because that is what got me hooked on her writing, her journey, and her audacious spirit.

Bop! That goes into the shopping cart. Trust me! You’re doing great! The recipients of these books will thank you.

A woman sits in her motorized wheelchair

Moving right along, I have to tell you about my friend, Emily’s book. I have been a fan of hers since she started her blog many moons ago. Now she has written a book, Demystifying Disability: What to Know, What to Say, and How to Be an Ally that is worthy of attention for the readers in your life who want to know more about the disabled community. If you are disabled, you might want to read it because you might find yourself nodding along in agreement with her words. Great job, Emily!

Now I will share books from one of my favorite genres.

Mysteries and Thrillers.

I love reading this genre. How about you? If you have a Sherlock in your life, these books will be a hit!

For the festive mood, you should definitely read the Christmas Tree Farm Mystery series by Jacqueline Frost. This cozy mystery makes you wish that Christmas would be all year long except for the murders that linger. But even then, solving the case is full of hot cocoa, marshmallows, and good cheer. Start with the first one, then work your way up.

Maybe you want a cool mystery? Cool as in ice cream cool. Then you will love Ice Cream Shop Mystery series. I won a copy of Meri Allan’s book awhile ago. You know, I got a little taste of it. Then I scooped the rest of the series up! Love it. Click here if you think you know someone who enjoys the sweet town feel with interesting ice cream flavors. Don’t worry, no one dies in the cream! Click here.

I plan to share more of my favorite books from the cozy mystery genre in future posts. Be sure to check back.

Now let’s say you’re not into that warm loving feeling while a murder takes place. You might want something more thrilling. You want something that messes with your mind, right? I have a couple of recommendations that will be sure to keep you or your gift recipient curled up, turning pages and sleeping with one eye open.

Here we go!

It’s not her newest novel, but it kept me freaked out. Read Lisa Jewell’s Then She Was Gone. Her daughter vanishes, her family has secrets, her life isn’t the same. She meets a man and her life isn’t what she thought it was or what it ever will be.

There are more book recommendations for your loves. Check out my other reviews. Click here. and click here to read my interview with Tony about his book. If you have a recommendation or you would like more suggestions, email me nathasha @ audacitymagazine . com.

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