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I love the January issue of passion. Most of the time I read your issues and begin to write you an email but never do. This article had so much passion I had to respond. We all need to be more passionate in our lives. I have MD and I have been to three funerals in one year. My time is close. I know it but I will live each day with passion.

Great job!



Let me be one of those people to congratulate you on your mission for passion within the disabled community. I am wheelchair bound after a drunk driver hit me. Now I counsel others. It takes every ounce of my strength to get up in the morning. The passion I feel for my job and my clients fuels me. I am going to pass on this article with your permission to my clients. Keep up the good work!



Does Marelise work? Why does she think that not revealing our disability is dishonest? Doesn’t she live in the real world where people judge us by our looks? Where does she live? I want to live there, too!

New Jersey

I love Amy Blanchard’s column! I have Cerebral Palsy and I am a mother of the energizer bunny! LOL ! His name is Robby and he is the love of my life. This year we will be dealing with new challenges. I can relate to Amy’s stories. Thank you for having her on your staff!



Thank you for that laugh. The parody on Fifty Ways to Leave Your Mother was unbelievable. I forwarded it to a friend of mine. He is 33 years old and still lives with mommy and daddy. I think he likes it there. When he read the parody he was so mad! That makes it my favorite article from Audacity and this is the first time I ever read it! Anymore?

New York


It is refreshing to find a website for us that gives us real life stories and fictional pieces like The Thing. Please keep adding fictional stories. Love the look of the magazine.



While surfing the web I came to your site! I love it! Every article in there is gripping! I am going to go back and read the archives when I get an opportunity. You can count on me to join your passion mission. I will passionately tell others to read this magazine!



I never knew we were a culture! Thanks for the information. Kara is a cutie! I look forward to reading more articles by her!

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