Tom’s NFL Club

In Reviews by Nathasha Alvarez

What do people look for in a great sports bar? I went searching for the answer by patronizing some of the nearby sports bars in Miami, Florida. I went to Corbett’s sports bar in Pinecrest. Supposedly, it was supposed to be one of the best in Miami. I found it rather confining for two wheelchairs even when it was empty. The food and price were average. We had to literally chase down the waitresses for assistance. Overall, we were not pleasantly pleased.

However, we continued to search by visiting Flanningan’s, a Florida restaurant franchise, with delicious food. Although, it is pricey we can’t say no to their appetizers and daily specials. There are televisions located everywhere. The problem is that we have to really stretch our necks to see the television because the booths make it difficult to view for a disabled person in a wheelchair. The bathrooms are roomy and accessible so that is a plus. It is better to go there for lunch or dinner than to see a sports game.

We thought we would never find the place to hang out and really root for our favorite teams. As we were about to give up the search we stumbled across Tom’s NFL Club located at 5001 NW 36 Street in Miami Springs, Florida. That place smelled and looked like a sports bar. It is extremely large with an area for families with underage children who can shoot pool or play coin slot games while watching every imaginable sports game on the numerous televisions located around the room.

On the other side of the bar is what I refer to as the Fanatic Frenzy Room. It is usually packed with Dolphin fans.

People like myself who don’t exactly appreciate the Fins team should be weary of showing any excitement for the opposing team around these people. Their passion runs deep which makes the atmosphere that much livelier. Any one 21 years or older with a passion for sports should definitely check out this bar. Televisions are set up for every game in every television station. There is even a projection tv on the wall for the main events.

The atmosphere is a mixture of the customers and the helpful service. It feels like a rowdier Cheers. Strangers high five each other after touchdowns. Waitresses stop serving to see the replay and the manager moves around the room to mingle with the patrons.

The menu has a variety of food to cover the four hours that is generally the average customer’s stay. The prices are fair. The best part is that the waitresses and the busboys don’t make the customers feel as if they must continue to order for the duration of the games.

Overall, the place definitely gets the Touchdown Thumbs Up. But, yeah there is always a but, the place needs to fix a few areas to welcome the disabled community. The entrance ramps need to be remodified. They are all too steep. This is a doable situation and not very expensive.

After spending hours at a restaurant, what is the most important room? The bathroom! Unfortunately, the ladies restroom for the disabled needs a key from the waitress. It is located in the hotel adjacent to the bar. Although the bathroom is large enough for a gigantic scooter, the floor is slippery from the humidity. These accomodations are reasonable and not that costly yet the amount of business that it can generate the establishment can, shall we say, priceless!
If you know a place that hits the G-Spot for the disabled community let us know about it. Write your review and send it to along with your name, age, location and disability.