Too Free With Our Money

In Everyone has one, Opinion by Erich Cella

One morning as we wipe the sharp crust that has settled on the corner of our dried out eyelids, we will begin to realize how utterly exposed we are to another terrorist threat due to the ineptitude of Homeland Security and the diversion of the Iraq conflict.

The unfounded number of dollars and resources that have been poured into that never ending quagmire can gain momentum and become the black hole that rips apart the neglected infrastructure at home.

We are all too eager to take our cold blood stained claws and rip out the artery clogged heart pumping blood through our dying country and then take a huge bite out of it with our slowly decaying teeth.

We don’t even bother to brush our teeth and remove the remnants of the organ from our mouth after we swallow what’s left of our way of life. Instead of wiping out the civilian population like we do in Iraq with bombs and assault rifles we are more subtle with how we do it to civilians in America.

We cut programs like food stamps and we make it more difficult for students to qualify for college loans so we can keep them naive and force them to eat cat food on their minimum wage pay checks.

The American people may take longer to perish due to poverty and starvation but by the time they do, they don’t know what exactly hit them.

Instead of being the hungry mouse that is instantly slaughtered by the trap as he is desperate to obtain the reward he is given the cheese but is poisoned slowly every time he takes another piece and dies an obese and bloated fool.

In order to act as if we want to change the world and spread freedom throughout the Middle East, we have to secure our own country and take care of our own citizens first. As long as homelessness exists and we remain vulnerable to an attack we should rethink our current policies.

It is almost inexcusable that while we fight this never ending war on terror we forget that it is essential to spend the appropriate amount of funds and resources towards our own national defense but homeland security seems to disagree.

In an article written on June 1, 2006, it was reported by Dan Eggen and Mary Beth Sheridan of the Washington Post that the Department of Homeland Security cut grant funds for major cities in the Northeast that would pay for defense.

Homeland Security would as a result be providing more currency to smaller cities that are less likely to be targeted by terrorists that include Louisville and Charlotte. New York and Washington D.C. would sustain 40 percent hacks in the funds provided by the department and that decision would leave us more vulnerable and helpless in case of a terrorist scheme.

The budget for Washington would decrease from 77 million to 46 million and the budget from New York City would decrease from 207 million to 124 million.

The article also goes on to cite that one of the reasons for the cut for New York City is that on the risk scorecard for the city it was listed that there were no national monuments or icons to protect.

Other big cities took substantial blows such as San Diego and the forgotten city of New Orleans. New Orleans also had funds that would assist in the reconstruction of the ravaged city sliced even though there hasn’t been as rapid a recovery that the population of New Orleans had expected.

Now I understand that funds should be equally distributed and that every city may be at risk but we have to realize that due to the financial district and other economically important areas in New York City it is important to understand that is what makes it a higher risk of an attack than most other cities.

I also guess that the White House in Washington D.C. is of no importance and it’s not the type of target terrorists would be looking to take advantage of.

Although New York and Washington would receive more than the other cities even after the cuts, the decreases remain inexplicable, and set us up on a slippery slope.

The priorities of the American government have been shifted from what is important to the people inhabiting the U.S. to the fraudulent reconstruction of Iraq.

According to Richard Crown on June 9 in an article in Rueters, a 94.5 billion dollar spending bill in which 65.8 billion dollars will be spent for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will be approved and put into law.

The total arrogance and lack of fiscal discipline that has been displayed by the republican led Congress and Senate are causing an unequal distribution of funds throughout our international projects and domestic priorities.

It always pains me to hear how republicans point their fingers at democrats about how they believe in big government and want to be overly involved in our lives but republicans are all too eager to spend like a person with bad credit.

I never want to hear about how republicans are fiscally conservative especially while we are running an enormous deficit that they promised to cut in half. They just love to keep throwing money at the well oiled death machine and watching the casualties pile up until we construct a city of rotting flesh and burning corpses.

The smell of the sacrificial apparatus is what excites these back seat murderers and makes them inspired to keep the city of the dead thriving. These two articles are a blue print for what the government believes is most important for this country and where their priorities are.

If you aren’t outraged by these news snippets then this third item will have you ripping hair from your scalp and should send any of you apathetic readers to the voting booths in November.

According to an article on June 13, 2006 by the Associated Press, lawmakers in the House and Senate have accepted a 2 percent pay raise for the seventh straight time. House members would have their salary raised by $3,300 and as a result of that would be making $168,500 a year.

Vice President Dick Cheney, an infamously rich man, is also going to benefit from that hike and receive a pay raise along with the House Speaker Dennis Hastert. There could not be a worst time for a pay raise especially since the House and Senate have created most of the chaos that is now upon us.

They are adamantly against raising wages for underpaid workers or providing acceptable health care for hard working families but love to fatten up their own wallets. While they cut funds that are used to protect us from another terrorist attack and spend billions on a failed policy in a foreign land they still receive the benefits of a pay raise.

I guess bankrupting your homeland is a commendable action that would require a substantial monetary reward. If you’re not disgusted by this reprehensible behavior than you deserve whatever comes to you and then it will be too late to go plead to your representatives as they roll around in the blood drenched money.

These people are public servants and should be willing to scrap or get their hands dirty to please the citizens without worrying about filling their bank accounts.

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