In Opinion, Reaching A Higher Level by Our Readers

The Uniqueies are among us. Uniqueies have special powers that supercede others that populate the planet, not from outer space or scary creatures. You barely notice as they blend with society. Most are aware of many of your failings and secrets, and know much that you think no one knows. While not a danger to society it is paramount that you be nice!!!

I am privileged to join Darlene, a Uniqueie for lunch. I observe what appears to be an argument ensuing at a table across the room, and I comment. Darlene says “It’s not an argument. They are excited over a new office policy. She’s the supervisor and is using all her feminine charm and flirting to gain his co-operation. The man is holding tightly to his briefcase as he has a diamond bracelet inside for his wife’s birthday. He’s had too much to drink but laughs telling her ‘I’m ok to drive.’”

I am in awe and tell her “I’m amazed you know so much about them or are you guessing?”

“No I’m 100% right, that’s what’s going on”, she says.

I exclaim “WOW, and we haven’t heard a word they’ve said.” Psychic? I don’t think so.

Another Uniqueie, Brian, stops at our table. He is such a fun, handsome guy with a big dog, Loekie. Right off he starts talking of the hostess here and says he knows she is attracted to him. “Yep, I like her too. Her clothes smell like Tide and Downey, but I like her smell, it excites me. I love the way she giggles and jiggles then says ‘Follow me to your table”.”

Darlene says “Don’t fool yourself. I think she likes your dog, Loekie.”

She knocks a glass off the table and Brian picks it up. While at the hostess stand a customer yells at her for moving too slow. Brian walks over. His massive statue is intimidating. He asks in his strong deep soft voice “Can I help?”

She picks up the scattered menus she had dropped and says “It’s ok. I’m taking them to their table.” He walks back to our table and fumes that someone could be angry with her trying so hard.

We order and I ask the server “Please cut my sandwich in four pieces, and put my tea over here.” She gives me a strange look but says “Ok.” Darlene moves to put her back to the wall. She prefers to see oncoming people.

Brian laughs and says “I like to practice knowing who’s sneaking up on me.”

I entertain them with a few one hand tricks I’ve learned. They think tricks are amazing. With their powers I think learning tricks for them would be easy.

A friend, Bill, quickly walks past our table and says hello. Brian says “I wonder what he’s up to? He’s messing with another woman and his late night drinking is still with him.” Bill passed so quickly I barely noticed what he was wearing.

Brian says “His suit fresh from the cleaners gives him an appearance of success but his private life is about to explode.”

“How can you say that?” I ask. “I haven’t heard of Bill having problems.”

Darlene agrees adding that his tie is wrong for his suit. “I guess his wife stopped dressing him.” I am dumbfounded by their assumptions. Feeling the need to say something I remark “I like his belt but his zipper could use another tug.”

I excuse myself to visit the gift shop. A lady walks by and I’m slapped with her kid’s feet, shopping bags and sweater on her arm. There is a quick “excuse me” as she moves on. A young man offers to reach the T shirts. I make my way back to the table, a young girl says “Let me help you through here, these scattered chairs are impossible to get through.”

Upon arriving at our table I find Brian and Darlene chocking with laughter. I’m told a lady walked by and passed gas. Darlene says “I think she bent over too quick, I saw her picking up something.” Brian says “I heard her earrings jingling then snap.”

Darlene while laughing says “We can’t be sure who but the odor is a definite.” I remark “No one else seems to notice.”

“Well it’s hanging here.” They replied with hilarious laughter.

Darlene divides the bill and takes my share from my zippered bag. Brian hands her $20 and says “Don’t forget to give me my $12.47 change.”

Brian owns a large successful stock brokerage firm. He is a genius with figures. A lunch tab and change are simple concepts.

Have you identified the Uniqueies? We are so much like the general population that you can be fooled.

If you take the time to know us, we will share our awesome powers. Your private lives are rarely of interest to us. If you haven’t figured it out.

Darlene is deaf, she can read lips from across a room.

Brian is blind and has a heightened sense of smell and sound.

I’m left side paralyzed from stroke and ride a power chair. I have use of my right hand only. There are many Uniqueies that don’t speak well and you yell at them as if they’re also deaf, they hear and understand even your mumbling.

We have hormonal sensual feelings. Uniqueies are extremely sensitive to your impatience and irritation, the hostess with cerebral palsy learns to deal with you doing her best and doesn’t understand your anger. Some Uniqueies are slow to understand but often have a high IQ.

Knowing this, I think you will agree we are Unique. Our heightened sense of smell, sound, moods and the vantage point from a wheelchair allows us to know things that generally go unnoticed. We know things about you and many of your secrets. Perhaps you can make an effort to know us.