Visualize Success

In Everyone has one, Opinion by Dave Madsen

This year Audacity magazine celebrates its first anniversary. I would like to thank personally the staff and all of our readers for putting us in a position to have a tremendous second year.

If all of you thought this year was good trust me you’ve seen nothing yet. This magazine has given me a forum to share and express views with all of you that I certainly would not have had otherwise.

With that being said, I encourage all of you who have something that you want to share to submit them to us at . We are always looking for talented people to join the team.

Success starts with a vision. Being disabled only stops those who do not dare to dream. Those that do not put themselves in position to fail will never succeed.

From experience I have seen firsthand many disabled people with a desire to work that do not. I have also seen those that are capable and do not wish to work. I will save those people for another column.

For those that do wish to make a life for themselves it is not an easy road. I can only offer you my advice and hope that maybe this column motivates one person. If it does that it has served its purpose.

The world is rife with discrimination. At one time or another being disabled we have all experienced it. For all of you who want to work, I offer you this develop a thick skin. Let discrimination roll off of you like water off a duck. Another person should not be responsible for you being successful or not.

If you keep your goals in mind nobody will be able to discourage you. You’ll hear many things from family and friends. Why do you want to work? Why risk losing your benefits? Know your answers and be confident in them. After all it is your life.

Our Government doesn’t make it easy for disabled people to establish themselves in a career. For instance if an individual makes too much money he/she may lose benefits including, SSI, Medicare or Medicaid.

For some that is an insurmountable odd to overcome. Even though salary or wage often times exceeds the amounts of SSI received. Have a game plan. Many jobs offer comprehensive health care that may offset many costs and enable many to work.

Also I would encourage working with any service that helps in the employment of people with disabilities. They are very knowledgeable and would be more than happy to assist.

Everyone deserves to be happy. Everyone deserves an opportunity at gainful employment. In this world nothing is handed out. Success is something that must be achieved.

I urge all of you to set goals for yourselves and live out your dreams. Do not take no for an answer and don’t get discouraged.

Money makes the world go round. Like Mr. Ben Affleck said in Boiler Room, “Whoever said money is the root of all evil doesn’t have any.”

I wish all of you the best and please I encourage all of you who wish to write for this magazine to send submissions to our editor at .

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