Wouldn’t Change A Thing

In Everyone has one, Opinion by Michelle Henson

My mother has always told me from day one that God created physically challenged people because they have accomplished every obstacle in their previous lives. The only life that is left to experience is through a physically challenged body. Being born with Cerebral Palsy I have always believed this concept. You need some kind of believes to get you through everyday life. Spirituality is very important to me because I feel that I have always been close to God and my bond grows stronger with each passing day.

You see the world in a whole new pair of eyes being physical challenged all though I have not known any other way. The question that comes to my mind when I see another physically challenged person is would they change who they are? My answer is simple I would not even think about changing any part of me. If they came up with a cure for Cerebral Palsy I would pass it up because I am use to functioning the way I do and would be scared to have it any other way. I think God made every person special for a reason and some day you will know why. People will always find some way to judge you no matter if you changed everything about who you are.

Awhile back I watched the movie Dragonfly this movie put me in a whole different mind frame.

Okay my grandfather and I were very close to one another. He was always there for me through all of my operations. He passed away in 1994 from a heart attack and I have always watched for signs from him. Well after seeing this movie that I recommend you see and you will better understand my story. Anyway, after seeing this movie I told my grandfather that would be our way of talking to one another.

Since then I have seen so many dragonflies they seem to appear when I am thinking of him. Usually everywhere I go there is something that has a dragonfly on it. So I decided to get a dragonfly tribal band on my right wrist to be a symbol of my grandpa. Another incident that made my beliefs even stronger happened two years ago I had a dream that my physical therapist Jen was having a baby. So I decided to needle point her a baby quilt. Once finished she informed me she was trying to become pregnant and was having trouble.

I felt horrible but decided to give her the blanket anyways and she kept it and said she would always cherish it. Soon after she found out she was pregnant and was ecstatic. She ended up having the most loving little boy anyone could ask for. Jared was born special. He has Down Syndrome and could not have been given two better parents. God only places special babies with parents, a mother who is a physical therapist and a father who is a teacher, are prepared to handle the many challenges that may come along. It just goes to show you once again that everything happens for a reason. Recently, I had another dream that Jared should be getting a sibling and sure enough I just found out Jen is pregnant again.

I recommend reading some of Sylvia Browne’s books. She puts a whole new light on the word sprits and what’s waiting for us on the other side. Some of her books include Angels, Blessings From The Other Side, Past Lives Future Healing, and God Creation and Tools for Life. Everything that has happened to me has in return made me a stronger more capable person. I am truly blessed to have a loving family, wonderful friends, a rewarding job, and very high goals for myself and I would not have it any other way. With the help of God and the spiritual world I have come to realize who I am.

No one is perfect. We all have our flaws and that’s the way it should be. Just always remember to put into life what you expect to receive from life. You will not be leaving this world with any material possessions but rather the accomplishments you have made while you were here.

“You don’t need a body to be YOU but you need a body to live on earth.”