Audacity Magazine is always looking for exceptional writers. We are in search of audacious articles written by people with physical disabilities who live audacious lives! To be audacious according to, it is to be bold or daring, fearless, original, without restriction to prior ideas, inventive, lively!

You may not feel you encompass any of these adjectives. But if you are going ahead and living life on your own terms regardless of what society might say, you are the embodiment of audaciousness!
Do you have a story to tell? An opinion to share? An experience that has made you who you are? We want to read about it and share it with our readers!
But first, we have some submission guidelines we would like you to follow.
Your article must:

  • Have a good command of the English language.
    We don’t expect an article written by an English professor, but we would like to read complete sentences, words correctly spelled to the best of your ability, and a clear focus.
  • Have been proofread prior to submission.
    While Audacity Magazine reserves the right to edit your article once it has been submitted, please proof read it several times before you send it in to us. It helps out the editors!
  • Tell a compelling story!
    To get an idea of what kind of content we publish, browse some of the other articles on the Audacity Magazine website. We have a number of categories in the menu bar at the top of the page.
  • Be a minimum of 1000 words in length.
    Please don’t send anything in under 1000 words.
  • Include at least one photo.
    We require at least one high resolution photo to go along with your article. It can be a photo of you, or a photo related to your subject. You must own the rights, or have permission from the photographer for its use. Recommended dimensions are below in the submission form.

Please note: Once submitted, Audacity retains publishing rights to the article. This means it may not be published or submitted anywhere else without consent of Audacity Magazine. If your article is sent to Audacity and not published, Audacity relinquishes rights on the written material.

How to Send Your Audacity Magazine Article Submission

All submissions must be emailed to We ask for the following information (if applicable):

  • Your Name (required):
  • Your Email (required):
  • Website and social media channels you would like to have published upon article acceptance (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
  • Extra links to your social media, or reference links related to your article’s content.
  • Any additional Information/Comments.
Text File Requirements
Article file formats must be in MS Word compatible formats such as .doc, .docx, or .rtf.

Image Requirements
At least one high resolution image is required to be published with your article. If possible, attach an image with a minimum resolution of 150 ppi with minimum dimentions of:
Horizontal Image: 1024×512 pixels or┬áVertical Image: 800×1200 pixels

Thank you for your submission! If you have any questions, please email!