Writing For the Audacious Reader

In News by Nathasha Alvarez

Since its inception in July 2003, Audacitymagazine.com has blossomed into an award winning online lifestyle magazine for people with physical disabilities. Its parent company, World Wide Ability, Inc. is a non profit organization.

For the past four years, the magazine’s focus has been to gain the loyalty of its readers with quality articles that peak the interests of the community with physical disabilities.

At the beginning, Audacitymagazine.com had the time and personnel to edit every article before it reached the readers. However, as founder, president and editor of the magazine, my time has been limited in the editorial department due to public speaking engagements, public relations for the magazine, fund raising projects to maintain the magazine up and running and future projects geared towards our audacious readers.

Every submission is appreciated. To guarantee that your story gets published, you should follow these guidelines:

All documents must be submitted in MSWord document. This is a lifesaver for both the writer and the editor.

Please check for any misspelled words or grammatical errors. It distracts the readers and makes it very difficult for the visually impaired who use a special software to read the words on the screen.

Everyone is always asking about the length of the article and honestly, I don’t have one solid answer to give you. Audacity readers love brief entertaining articles as much as they love lengthy controversial ones.

Every article must inspire, entertain, inform, or motivate the readers into living an audacious life.

We all have moments of sadness, despair, frustration, and anger but even these circumstances warrant us to seek a positive point in the whole situation. That is exactly what Audacity readers want in the articles.

Our goal is to connect to the reader, bring a wealth of information to the non physically disabled community, and proclaim our spot in the world.

In the end, if you have a story, experience, or someone who you feel deserves a spot in Audacitymagazine.com let us know.

Remember that the magazine is for people with physical disabilities and produced by people with disabilities. Therefore, you must include a brief biography about yourself, stating your disability, perhaps a phrase about your personal philosophy, and a tidbit of information to allow the readers to know you as their friend.

Attach a recent photo of yourself in a jpeg format and you are on your way to becoming an audacious writer for Audacitymagazine.com .

Email your submissions to nathasha@audacitymagazine.com