You’re Hired!

In Here's the Spin, News by Nathasha Alvarez

Through the great gods of fundraising, Audacity Magazine has enough funds to hire three paid staff writers for at least one year. If all goes well, the pay increases and the staff population does too.

Publishing a magazine and keeping it alive online is not an easy task nor a cheap one. Therefore, getting a position won’t be as easy as pressing enter.

The new staff writers will be announced in December 2007 issue of Audacity Magazine.

Each month a theme will be announced and those participating will write an article pertaining to that theme. The guidelines for the articles can be found in the June 2007 issue of Audacity Magazine.

We are looking for original never before published writing pieces that cover news items that pertain to the community of physically disabled people.

For example, IF the theme was creativity. Then a person can discuss the many ways that he/she must be creative to simply get by on a day to day basis due to his/her disability. A person can write about a person with a physical disability who is very creative in the arts world. A person write about creative ways to go on a date as a physically disabled person. Creative ways to raise a child as a disabled parent or raise a child with a physical disability. Or perhaps come up with a creative plan for politicians to help people with physical disabilities gain employment, housing, medical coverage.

So the theme “creative” can be used in many ways. The possibilities are endless.

We are looking for people who can cover different angles of life from politics to sports. However, if your strong subject is sports and the disabled then stick to that.

We are always looking for quality rather than quantity.

We need three entries to ensure that the person has consistency in their writing. If they can write more than one per month then that is a plus for them because it gives the Board of Directors and the readers of an opportunity to give feedback on the writer’s writing style.

The first article is due by August 7th. The theme is “change”.

The winning writers will receive $30 per article. It is only one article per month. Very simple!

Please make sure that you have a thorough knowledge of the magazine and its past articles. Read the June 2007 issue so you know the writing guidelines.

If you know someone with a physical disability who might be interested in this opportunity please let us know.

Thank you.

Audacity Magazine

P.S. If you are a very wealthy and generous person please go to our homepage and see how you can donate some of those helpful dollars.

The more Audacity collects, the more people with physical disabilities can get hired to bring you Audacity Magazine, the only online lifestyle magazine for people with physical disabilities.