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What an excellent article!

Rosemary hit the nail on the head. I am an able-bodied individual. ANYONE that used their choice for procreation as a “disability” should be ashamed. Pregnancy is BY CHOICE…that’s why we have other “CHOICES” should we not want to be pregnant. There are programs that assist pregnant woman…and those don’t fall into the category of “disability benefits”. By labeling themselves “disabled”, those who truly need assistance get denied…because the benefits may be already being used by a pregnant, self-centered, thief.

Angela Orton

I agree very much with Ariel SilverSpirit and after living in the States, I find this even more obvious in the Asian Countries through hearsay and experience here in China.

I hope to share this article in a local English newspaper, doubt they will publish it, but Ariel hit it square on the nail!

Life should be simple, fun, and pleasant to enjoy; don’t change my mind!

Charlie and Holly


I just read the article Is Life Truely Divine by Gregory Banks. It is wonderful. The world needs more people like Gregory Banks who do not let any disability stop them from achieveing what they dream of and deserve.I am an 18 year old who is willing to be a writer and the writing by Mr Gregory Banks inspired me a lot.