Flying Questions Answered

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Jules takes the time while recovering from an injury to answer flying questions.

Fabulous article! Very informative and I can’t wait to read more in future aricles, it’s the type of info that you can’t get anywhere normally.Excellent idea! I’ll probably contact you personally one day when I get brave enough to venture out on a trip with my daughter Chloe. I love to tavel, but that was before Chloe! Is there ever a situation where a wheelchair bound person stay in their chair through the flight? Does the chair always have to go cargo style

? If so, how are transfers smoothly go?

Keep up the good work!
Kelly D.
Hi Kelly

Glad that you enjoyed the first issue. To answer your question about the wheelchair. Unfortunatley you cannot stay in your chair for the flight. Due to safety regulations you have to be seated in a proper seat with the safety belt on at all times. The only time you are allowed to take it off is to go to the bathroom. If you did need to use the toilet, they have a special wheelchair on board (you have to organise this before the flight) that can be wheeled to the toilet but you have to be able to transfer as the toilets are really small and the wheelchair does not fit into it. It only goes to the bathroom door.

The onboard wheelchair has tiny wheels so it can fit down the aisle. So to answer your question you have to always put your chair in with the luggage, make sure they tag it well and put a FRAGILE label on it to ensure they don’t damage it. Ask for the onboard wheelchair before you go as it isn’t kept onboard unless requested and always ask a flight attendant for help. That’s why they are there. Make sure they organise what is called a “Meet and Assist”. It will ensure a member of the airport is there waiting for you at the other end to help you disembark and collect your luggage.

Another really good tip is if you can get up to the flight deck to the cockpit do it. It is amazing. Because I am airline staff I was allowed to sit up there for a landing and it was one of the best experiences in my life. ***

Happy travelling,
***Editor’s Note: Due to security issues many airlines no longer offer this to the passengers.