The Passion Of the Christ

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The Passion may be the most powerful movie I’ve ever seen. Watching the film is an emotionally draining ordeal, but an ordeal worth going through. I’ve been around for 26 years and I haven’t seen many films that caused such strong feelings in me. This is the first movie I’ve ever seen about Jesus’ death. It brought home what Jesus really went through during his trial, torture and finally his crucifixion.

The scourging scenes made me feel as if I were actually there, as if I were being tortured. I felt every strike and reacted to each one.

While it’s true that the movie was violent, without the violence you’ve lost the realism of Jesus’ ordeal. I’m a Roman Catholic, but I felt far removed from Jesus and his crucifixion. It’s a story I hear each year, but I never really imagined how Jesus suffered. The most important message I got from the movie is that everyone has their own crosses to bear that they should embrace the way Jesus did.

In the Catholic tradition his death and resurrection brought salvation to his followers.

Gibson used creative license with the symbolism of the devil representing the evil in the world. Sometimes the world is not gray, but black and white; good vs. evil. The presence of the dark character throughout the entire film said to me that the sin and evil in the world brought about the death of Jesus Christ.

In my eyes, then, the film was not antisemetic. The use of his own hand driving the nail through Jesus’ hand to the cross was the director’s way of saying that all of mankind could be held responsible for Jesus’ death.

Mel Gibson’s choices and direction were all true to the Bible. Gibson was almost a co-director with God.

Oscar caliber acting all-around even the supporting cast all shined and seemed authentic. In my opinion, this movie should not be punished for being considered anti-Semitic.

I hope the Oscar judges look beyond the supposed controversy and honor it for what it is.

This movie is EXCELLENT! One that you will never forget!

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