Blood, Gore, and More

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Halloween Directed: by Rob Zombie.

Starring: Tyler Mane and Malcolm McDowell.

Running Time: 109 min. Rated: R
Shoot ‘Em Up Starring: Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti and Monica Bellucci.
Running Time: 87 min. Rated: R

If you missed most of the summer movies I have two suggestions for you. Rob Zombie’s Halloween and Shoot ‘Em Up!

If you love a good horror movie especially the original Halloween.

Do yourself a favor and see this film. It’s a great horror film. It’s different enough from the original film that you’re not getting the same story. There are echoes of the original throughout this film.

The film goes into the back-story of the legendary killer Michael Myers. Showing his horrible family life, which created our favorite Bogeyman. This version you still feel the dread and fear around every corner like in the first.

The young actor who plays Michael at 10 or so is frightening and childlike at the same time. The actor that plays Michael as an adult Tyler Maine plays the killer like a great white shark killing everything in its way until it catches its ideal prey.

If Myers is a great white than McDowell’s Dr. Loomis’ is Quint from Jaws. Also if you’re a horror film fanatic like I am you notice appearances by horror film veterans like Clint Howard Ron Howard’s brother and Dee Wallace Stone the mother from ET, The Hills Have Eyes and The Howling. Keep your eye out for more familiar horror film faces.

Rob does a great job of reinventing the legendary psycho killer and giving some believable motives for his behavior and need for wearing a mask. But you never truly know what’s going on in his head. Zombie brings a horrifying reality to the Halloween mythology and brings a satisfactory conclusion to this story. So there is no need for further silly and unnecessary sequels. So do your trick-or-treating early and catch this film.

Finally the best action picture of this summer was the sexy, electric and violent live action cartoon Shoot ‘Em Up the title pretty much sums up the film.

Both male leads of this film play it like Bugs Bunny with carrot versus Elmer Feud. There are also traces of Tom and Jerry in the film with Rube Goldberg cause and effect machines included.

Add a baby, a sexy Italian call girl and a million, trillion body count of bullet riddled gunshot victims and shake well. You get a bang, bang, shoot ’em up never ending adrenaline rush from beginning to end. You’ll never laugh so hard at multiple shootings again. This film was big over-the-top action scene after action scene it never lets up.

I can’t say much more about this film it’s just a freaking fun and inventive movie to watch. I give both films Stars (*****).

The holidays are around the corner! Share with us your favorite holiday movies and tell us why they are so special to you.