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The Observer
— by Cecilia Zwanzig

The body is a shell, which holds a precious gift; the essence of which goes mostly unnoticed.
Your smile, the way you stand,
whether you hold your head low or toward the heavens, whether your voice is heard loud and clear,
or whether you whisper your intentions–all these and many other gestures of the body’s movement may be clues to the Observer there is something worthwhile beneath the surface.

But, what if the body malfunctions?

And the smile, contorted, becomes a grimace, your stance without balance becomes a stoop, your voice and words become muffled and garbled and completely unrecognizable?

We, as a people, when confronted with these mangled hints of humanity are afraid and desperately try to dismiss or ignore what does not make sense in our world. So, the questions are: How do we circumvent our malformations?
How do we create a beacon that emanates from within?

I think the answer lies in identifying with the Observer.
Understanding the overwhelming urge to run from what or whom is alien.

To honestly ask the questions of ourselves, “What would we do faced with the same fears?” and “What would make us investigate something or someone we deem unfathomable?”

Answer these questions for yourself, and you will be on the path to wholeness.