Standard Wish List

In Mind, Body & Spirit, Opinion, Reaching A Higher Level by Nathasha Alvarez

This year only accept the best from yourself and others. A long time ago, a former friend of mine told me that I had very high expectations of others and myself. Her advice was that if I lowered my expectations than I wouldn’t be so disappointed if they weren’t met. She said that I would always be happy and satisfied.

I thought the advice was terrible. I wanted the best from others and I expected the best from myself. However, I noticed that her advice worked really well for her. She now has a boyfriend who has caused major rifts in her friendships with others so now she is lonely and stuck with him as her everything. But that is ok because she never had high expectations for her friends or her boyfriend.

She lives off the government because she doesn’t think society will accept her as a physically disabled woman in the workplace. But that is ok because she never had high expectations of society.

She pawns herself off to strangers for about $30-$40 and drinks herself into a stupor. But that is ok too since she doesn’t have high expectations for herself as well.

It appears that she has fulfilled her own prophesy. Her low expectations on her friends, boyfriend, society and herself have all been fulfilled. She is a lucky woman, right?

I don’t think I will ever be that lucky. I want only the best. I don’t understand why I should settle for any less.

This past summer I gave away my living room and dining room furniture. They were worn out and became an eyesore and a headache for me on a daily basis. Now I have an empty living room and dining room which I am piecing together little by little but only with the best that I can give. This is not about living beyond my means. This is about getting the best within my reach even if I have to extend myself a tad bit.

I made a list of the best things I want in the year 2006. Somehow, some way, I will get it. But as long as I keep the desire burning and the will to take passionate action I believe my wish list can become a reality.

Since I have 365 days to be 110% passionately honest with everyone I thought I should start out by stating that this list is full of materialistic items because it is easier to deal with the materialistic factors in life than the intimate and emotional ones. But that doesn’t mean I will not divulge information on that. Just not right now.

So here is my wish list:

1. A brand new Lexus, champagne color.
2. A three bedroom house with a huge yard and pool in South Florida.
3. A black or dark blue Fendi back pack.
4. A trip to Las Vegas.
5. A weekend in the mountains in a log cabin.
6. $10,000 shopping spree.
7. A guest spot on Law & Order shows
8. A collection of my favorite perfumes (The list is too long to type)
9. A personal fitness trainer.
10. A condo in NYC.
11. An interview with Oprah Winfrey.
12. A flat screen television
13. A flat screen computer screen
14. A personal chef
15. A 100 gallon aquarium
16. $1,000 shopping spree at a book store.
17. A living room and dining room set
18. A monthly appointment forever at an accessible spa.
19. A thin light weight video camera with digital camera.
20. A week in Hawaii

Have you made your list? It is never too late or too early to start.
It is your life, you set the standards and the rest will fall into place.