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I am Happy on Wheels

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At the age of 16, I became a quadriplegic because of a diving accident. Since then, I’ve experienced multiple urinary tract infections, pressure sores, and a long litany of other medical issues. And like a bad movie, I am also a breast cancer survivor, having a right mastectomy 10 years …

No One Wants to Be Free

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Jean-Francois Lyotard changed world thinking by introducing two new concepts to modern thought. He said the world, and the people living in it, experiences the world through “Grand” and “little” narratives. Christianity is a grand narrative, so is Marxism – great big concepts trying to provide a framework for everything. …


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The Uniqueies are among us. Uniqueies have special powers that supercede others that populate the planet, not from outer space or scary creatures. You barely notice as they blend with society. Most are aware of many of your failings and secrets, and know much that you think no one knows. …