Erich Cella: The Voice That Spoke When Others Wouldn’t

In Audacious People, Features, My Piece of the Sky by Nathasha Alvarez

I never met Erich in person,only spoke to him a few times on the phone to coax him into submitting a photo of himself, and corresponded via email about world events and his articles.

We met through a mutual friend, John, who thought the magazine would be good for Erich and it turns out that Erich was GREAT for the magazine.

His intellectual, sometimes sarcastic and always passionate words about the world and its events gave him a huge following among Audacity Magazine readers.

Some people felt his anger at the world was his way of dealing with his Muscular Dystrophy. That could be a plausible explanation but it didn’t take away from his ability to find facts to support his views.

He had enough hurt in his own life, not only living with Muscular Dystrophy but losing his older brother to the same disease.

If we learn anything from Erich, it is that life is not fair but that doesn’t mean we have to sit there and take it. We can use our voice, our words, and our mind to share our views, stimulate conversation and make a change.

It’s difficult for me to have to write an article about another Audacity family member leaving us due to Muscular Dystrophy. We can only hope that one day, all that money that is being spent in science to find a cure will not be in vain.

We will miss you, Erich.

May you give them hell wherever you are!!!

Much love to you!!

Please look in our archive issues to read Erich’s work!

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