Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

In Mind, Body & Spirit, Pushing Forward by Nathasha Alvarez

Every Sunday the television network, ABC, airs “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”. Ty Pennington, lead designer, most easily recognized as one of the hunkiest handymen in the other home improvement show, “Trading Spaces” has his own team of designers. They transform some of the ugliest or neediest houses into beautiful breath taking homes to families with the the most tear jerking stories.

This Sunday the crew helped 22 year old Robert Gil and his family. Ever since his car accident two years ago, Robert, who is permanently confined to his wheelchair has yet to see his bedroom on the third floor.

He can barely move around in the kitchen and the dining room table is too high for him.

So what does Ty’s crew do? They set out to put an elevator so Robert can get to all three levels. Now that is fantastic! Costly, but fantastic!

Robert’s room is the entire first level with a skylight ceiling. His bathroom is spacious enough to allow him the independence to take a shower, brush his teeth and get dressed with minimal assistance.

As if that is not a major feat, the crew installs an endless pool with a hydrollic chair lift. Robert will now be able to get as much physical therapy as he can in his California home.

But wait! There is more! Robert’s room is voice activated. He speaks and the door opens, the television turns on, and the lights come on and off.

Did the crew forget anything? Perhaps. There was very little focus on the actual kitchen appliances that might or might not have been installed to make Robert more independent.

Ahh, now if every disabled person could have these adjustments in his or her home life would be wonderful!

Great work guys! When I get my house I will definitely send you a video tape.

Ty Pennington Design team leader/carpenter

Alle Ghadban Designer (Building/Planning)

Dawson Connor Designer (Exteriors)

Paul DiMeo Designer (Carpenter/Attitude)

Paige Hemmis Designer (Carpentry/Nuts & Bolts)

Tracy Hutson Designer (Shopping/Style)

Michael Moloney Designer (Interiors/Glamour)

Constance Ramos Designer (Building/Planning)

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