Fashion Favorites for Spring

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Birds, bees, flowers, flowing skirts and colorful purses! This means only one thing, spring is here!

Yes, it’s that time of year. Love is in the fresh air, not for men, but for designer purses and spring fashions! Duh!

Though I took a short hiatus to concentrate on my college studies, I am back for now to inform you about the latest in fashion and what you should be looking for in the next few months.

This is the time to let your lady-like feminine side out. It’s time for full skirts matched with little camisoles.

The seasonal colors of blue, yellow and pink are popping up everywhere. But of course, basically any color that resembles spring’s nature palette is acceptable.

If you aren’t into skirts, pick a colorful pocketbook with your first initial on it. You can get one in basically any color. They aren’t that expensive.

You can probably get an initialized purse in a department store for about $15 and up. But if you turn on the bargain hunting radar you can find it for even less than that.

Ladies, can we talk about size? There are purses that range from huge tote bags to small round handbags with gold embroidery and accents. Pick the size that you can handle. Let’s not overlook those small tube-like handbags either!

The makeup for this season is girly and sweet. Think pretty in pink! Colors are light and neutral. We will have to wait until summer for the bronzed colors!

Don’t jump ahead!

Pinks, like I said, is very hot in the makeup department. Don’t like pink eye shadow? Try some blush which comes in many shades of pink, from dark to barely there light.

Whichever shade you choose it will give your cheeks a hint of color that will brighten you up for the season.

Still looking a little weary? By all means, get some pink lip gloss! A little lip gloss always looks good on anyone. Nevertheless, the next time you go get a new shade of makeup, think pink!

Victoria’s Secret has a lip gloss called Isabelle. While, Lancome has named theirs Simmer. Those are my personal favorites. They are perfect for Spring.

The price is right, too! Victoria’s Secret lip gloss is eleven dollars and Lancome sells it for fifteen dollars, but don’t fret they will last you a long time.

I have my juicy tubes for over six months now and I use them almost every day. But if you still don’t want to spend as much try Loreal’s gloss which works just as well. They have very nice shades and cost less than ten dollars.

If you are going to go buy some pink shades of makeup don’t over do it, just get something that will fit your skin tone and is comfortable for you. So think twice and look closely at the color you are considering.

I hope this helps some! Happy Spring shopping!

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