Motivation Opens the Door To Action

In Mind, Body & Spirit, Pushing Forward by Ariel SilverSpirit

What motivates you?

What gets you going, powers you up, gives you hope, strength, courage, inspiration, propels your every moment, including your dreams?

Do you have something that is so important to you that you’re driven by it each day? Does it charge you up like nothing else could?

When you do something, it should be because you really want to do it not because you see it as an obligation.

How strongly you believe in what you’re doing will tell you how motivated you will be to accomplish a goal.

Whether it’s something you’re trying to get into, or out of, the reasons and incentives should be strong enough to be a top priority in your life.

There are many reasons why we feel we must do things, though we aren’t always aware of it.

Our mind is our greatest strength. It is the container of our motivation. If we want to accomplish a feat our mind opens up to numerous possibilities that enable us to reach for our goal but it is the motivation that fuels us and keeps us going even when we are running on empty.

For example, when I was about 8, I wanted to be a singer. I focused on this till I was almost 40. It was all I wanted to do. Music was my first love, it was the fuel that kept me going, made me feel alive. It helped me heal, gave me hope, was something I could do well and share with others.

Singing was one of the few things I was encouraged to do and praised for. As the years went on, I realized how rough the music business was, yet I still tried because I believed in my abilities so deeply.

I had good responses from those I performed for, including positive reviews, letters, and compliments. After many years of trying and not getting very far, though not for lack of talent, I lost the desire for it and now use music in a different way, though it’s still a very important part of my life.

Sometimes we have to take a different direction with our dreams, but we can still accomplish them, stay motivated to work at it, and make them a reality.

Though I didn’t become a rock star, I did get on local radio and television stations. I also sang at community events, and had many supportive people helping me along the way.

There are many reasons to remain motivated as we reach for our goals.

Achieving good health is a great reason to remain motivated when we are struggling to eat the correct food or struggline with a difficult physical exercise, even if our legs won’t carry us, our eyes won’t see the way we want them to, and our bodies won’t do what we wish.
Some ways to help you stay motivated are:

Think of all the steps you need to take to get there, see yourself accomplishing each thing and moving on to the next phase, getting closer to your goal.

A fantastic incentive to remain motivated is by planning mini rewards for each accomplished step in your plan. If the mini reward is connected to the main goal the motivation factor is that much stronger.

Visualize the end result, see yourself in that nice home, earning a degree, having a family, whatever it is. Put all your senses into it, breathe it, put yourself into it as if you were feeling the benefits of it right now. It is important for you to feel the sense of pride of all the hard work you did to get there.

Even if it’s something small, like saving up for a book, it’s still worth being motivated over if you really want it. It could be something as important as getting a new wheelchair, or something as fun as going out to dinner.

Your reasons for accomplishing a goal could range from the necessary elements of life to the basic “I just want it.”

Whatever motivates you, as long as you truly
believe in what you’re doing, and your ability to get it done, go for it!
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