Writing for Audacity Magazine

In Mind, Body & Spirit, Pushing Forward by Karen Lynn

It hardly seems possible that I have been writing for Audacity Magazine for well over a year, now.

Every article I have written has been a new challenge.

Every article, I have written, has been as different as the article before. And every article I write comes from a place of understanding, compassion, and a sincere honesty to enlighten the non disabled community and connect to the physically disabled public.

I would definitely have to say, however, that they have all been like every other article in this magazine; connected with the one purpose of exploring the daily lives and feelings of the disabled community.

In a big, way, attempts have never been made to move beyond daily living skills, to understand and explore the other aspects of our lives. Thus, these articles, which I have written, have been crafted, created, and revealed to

the public so that light may be shed.

I have seen articles here, on everything from learning to drive, to romance, travel, and remembering the great leaders of our past. I don’t know other than blogs, of a place, in which the great leaders of our community could gather together and express exactly what was on their minds.

This is invaluable, because it reminds all of us that we are not ever alone.

My experience, writing for Audacity Magazine, has not only made me more determined to move forward with my own life, but to experience writing for a prestigious magazine, when at one time, three and a half decades ago, I could not even form a constructive sentence by myself.

To be accepted by Audacity Magazine, has not only been a powerful experience for me, but it has reminded me that I was right!

I clung to the belief that I could learn, and I did. I clung to the belief that I had a right to an education and I got one. And, I clung to the awareness that I was going to make a mark on this world.

And, just like all of you, I have!

I have determined, in the depths of myself that, no one was going to define me. No one was going to tell me, or make me believe that I was less than what I was.

No one was going to take away the healthy self-esteem and autonomy I fought for.

But writing for this magazine has taken me a step further.

Each time, in every way, that I write another article, for this magazine; I am reminded of my own progress, and, I am reminded of all the other valuable gifts I have to share with the world.

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