Let’s Flush It!

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Yesterday, I went to Barnes and Noble and had to use the ladies room. I was literally behind a lady entering the restroom as well. In fact, she held the door open for me so it was safe to assume she saw me. Yet, she walked directly to the stall for the physically disabled. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She didn’t look to see if the other three stalls were vacant, which they were. So when she went to open the disabled stall, I quickly and happily chirped, “Thank you!” I guess she wasn’t thinking.

Once she saw me she let me in.I can’t say this enough. The public loves the accommodations for the physically disabled but hates to acknowledge their true purpose or even support us on tough stands like equality and acceptance into society. If they want to share our throne they should share our other issues that go with that throne.For example, look at the picture of this Barnes and Noble bathroom in Miami, Florida. What’s wrong with this picture

Many public establishments claim to be wheelchair friendly but they fall short on their boasting. You would think a company like Barnes and Noble with all of their knowledge would realize how physically impossible it would be for a person in a wheelchair to use this bathroom. Have you spotted the problem?

If you haven’t then think of the steps you must take to use any bathroom. At the end, you have to wash your hands and wouldn’t it be nice if you could reach the soap?

Thanks to my sister, Ingrid Alvarez, I carry my own little bottle of soap sanitizer. But if that wasn’t enough, look at the other picture. How can anyone find the toilet paper? Once I found it, I had to struggle to make the roll ROLL!

What's wrong with this picture?

What’s wrong with this picture?

Who can find the toilet paper?

Who can find the toilet paper?