Conservative or Stubborn?

In Features, My Piece of the Sky, Opinion, Politics by Erich Cella

The shock and awe that was apparent on the faces of my liberal brethren on election night dwarfed the shock and awe, Bush declared on Iraq at the beginning of the war.

After the fallout and acceptance of the nomination, I began to research the reasons why such a debacle could transpire and it was brought to my attention that values and morality were the clincher.

Now for someone who is as cynical and contemptuous as I was raised to be, I find this hard to believe. It’s almost as incongruous as entrusting your retirement fund to a savings account that relies entirely on the stock market.

This is only one example of the absurd agenda of the president that voters apparently ignored because they were so worried about the decline of value system of America.

Now I give the American people more credit than this but if there happens to be no evidence of widespread voter fraud or legitimacy of other election claims, I might start losing faith. With that being said, I’m not going to throw in the preverbal towel like a certain Democratic candidate has, until all the votes have been counted.

You might be saying as you read this, that I can’t let go, but with the wide range of absentee and provisional ballots uncounted, the fat lady has not begun to sing. There have also been numerous reports of glitches on electronic voter machines giving the president extra votes in various counties.

You might not be aware of these facts mainly due to the utter lack of media coverage but if everyone who reads this does their homework and researches they could spread the word to those who only get their news from television.

With the official consequences of the election on the backburner and the improbable prospect of the results affecting the outcome in John Kerry’s favor, I must move on for now.

The aspect of the election that frightens me, as I alluded to earlier, is that the main rationale for voters to reelect the president was based on morality and values. This explanation is ludicrous and unfounded especially in states like Ohio where there is an epidemic of job losses and an augmentation of poverty.

I also find it tricky to accept the notion that voters could hurdle over issues such as the deficit, flawed war strategy, and overall hatred of our country by our neighbors due to hardheadedness plus the preemptive mindset of the president, in order to save morality.

I have never been as confused in my life since the time I began to awkwardly stumble my way through the embarrassing moments of puberty. I feel as if I need someone of higher authority to explain the irregularities of the voters election habits and pinpoint what is going through their narrow minds.

To my astonishment, I was dumbfounded to learn that helping the poor and not killing thousands of innocent civilians until it’s unavoidable are not the values included in the morality package.

Then I find out, to my amazement, that tolerance and woman’s rights are also excluded from America’s moral epicenter.

Wow! The more I think about it, the more I want to become more conservative and adopt the moral stances that are too heart warming to resist. I guess half of this country just does not understand or does not covet values and doesn’t have a grasp on the moral fabric that built America.

Actually, the more I think of it, to my recollection the South has always displayed a moral code of ethics and decency throughout the lineage of this nation, except for a few missteps, like discrimination, gun control, and voter intimidation.

Besides, these little quaint issues just aren’t all that imperative in the march to freedom, especially when it‘s been such an outstanding run in building integrity and creating acceptance as they mold their conservative message to improve the union.

Sarcasm aside, to perpetuate moral conduct and family values as a reason to vote for someone especially when you neglect the essential themes of morality, is hypocrisy to the most extreme degree.

I’m not here to initiate a war between the blue states and red states but for an assemblage of people to proclaim that they seize the bulk of America’s value system and only they have a comprehension of what’s good for the country, may tend to incite some frustration in the blue states.

It has become almost comical to hear that democrats and liberals have constantly put down and ridiculed the red states for their faith and rigid family structure, but it’s the red states lack of understanding or acceptance of the values everyone else holds true.

There’s a reason why they used to call this country a melting pot and religion used to stand for unity and humility along with compassion for one’s neighbors.