Finding Comfort From Within

In Mind, Body & Spirit, Pushing Forward by Ariel SilverSpirit

While we are working on accepting ourselves, we still have to deal with our worries, tension and troubles.

Acknowledging our limitations is one thing, handling them constructively is another. By using our minds, having faith, and creativity, we can better manage what bothers us, so it doesn’t consume us and take over our lives.

Feeling frustrated is part of life, but we can channel it so we don’t explode or let it gnaw at us. There’s no sense wasting energy on what we can’t change, but we can control how we look at things and how we let them affect us.

This will improve overall wellbeing, and it’s fun! These concepts I have applied to my life, and found ways to make it more enjoyable.

The wholistic view says our mind affects our bodies as well as our spiritual and emotional selves. When we are in constant discomfort, it’s hard to think clearly. If we’re bothered by something, we feel as if it’s weighing down on us.

Life is filled with information, various feelings, memories and thoughts, which get piled up in our heads like clutter in our closets. How do we find what we need if
there’s no room for anything? How can we reduce that stuff so there’s space for new things?

As surely as we get fatigued from worry, we can replace it with comfort, and ease those feelings to a managable level. This will take practice, patience and belief in
yourself and the techniques.

Are you ready?

Put some soothing music on, set your troubles aside, and relax.

Ok, now mentally go into that closet, the things in there represent your thoughts, feelings and memories. Start removing the things you don’t need, such as a bad experiences.

Sure it hurts, but it’s just taking up valuable space, and serves no purpose, so throw it away!

Now replace it with a pleasant thought. Our minds are more powerful than we realize. As sure as worry causes distress, creative activities can bring comfort.

There are many visualizations and affirmations we can do to help set our minds to a positive mode. We’ll still have bad days, but that’s part of life.

When we’re in a happier disposition, it’s easier to manage those troubling experiences and get back to focusing on better things.

Positive affirmations can help us put more useful things in our mental closets.

Say to yourself, “Every day I’m more in control of my feelings, I can handle what people throw at me, and react with calm, pride, confidence, and maturity. The right words will come to me. I am a very capable, beautiful and valuable human being. I love, respect and accept myself. Whatever they do to me, I know myself.
They can’t take away my pride, self worth and dignity.”

The purpose is to build up your self image and inner strength. This is the beginning of self empowerment. Believing in yourself and in anything you do is essential for effectiveness.

These ways may take time to sink in, that’s ok. Do you believe in yourself? As you do your mental cleaning, do the affirmations, and visualize yourself succeeding at handling any situation well, letting the hurts bounce off you, and shielding yourself with comforting reminders of your abilities.

If you pray to someone, ask for guidance with this. Whoever you believe watches over you, can help with any problem; not to do it for you, but to help you do it for yourself.

Focus on your good qualities, remind yourself of them, look in the mirror and smile, sing a happy song, make one up about how wonderful you are.

Now visualize yourself handling unpleasant situations with ease; you’re the director, you write the script, asserting your feelings, wants and needs, firmly, but not aggressively, as in, “No thank you, I can do it myself, though I appreciate your kind offer.”

Focus on your abilities, see yourself succeeding, being recognized for your skills, and having fun. If you’re angry and can’t fight back, do it in your mind, then release the anger and send it away, replacing it with a pleasant thought.

Drum out anger, sing to the beat, for example, say, “I’m so mad! You think you’re so great for putting me down. Oh, how wrong you are!”

Then replace that space with a good feeling, “I’m creative, talented,beautiful, intellegent, fun, I’m a good person!”

These are just suggestions, adapt them to fit your own personal situation. Write an
angry letter, but NEVER send it! Tear it up, delete it, then write a happy letter, draw a picture, write a poem, song, or essay.

If you think you have nothing positive to write about, think again!

Everyone has good traits. Write down any accomplishments you’ve had. Remember, even a small success counts!

When we concentrate on something other than problems, it doesn’t hurt as bad. We can better accept and handle tough situations, and enjoy life despite adversity, through motivation, encouragement, faith, hope, and confidence.

We don’t deny our bad feelings, we face and
resolve them, then let them go. So that kid called you names, someday he might be disabled.

Don’t let him know it bothers you, that’s what he wants. Remember, these and other techniques can be adapted and used by anyone, anywhere, anytime. All it requires is an open mind.

Even in the busiest place, a quick affirmation and vision of achievement goes a long way.

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