Vix Pix Raises Money: Flesh For MS

In Here's the Spin, News by Nathasha Alvarez

Janet Jackson might blame her wardrobe for exposing her breast at this year’s Super Bowl but a British bombshell is extremely honest about her reason to flash for cash.

This past January Vix, who lives with Multiple Sclerosis, flashed her breasts for shock value but turned it into fundraising event for MS.

Read the online interview as she states in her way why she will bare her breasts.

Audacity: Hi there how are you?
vic: pretty good, thx. You?
A: I thought we could do an online interview, is that ok?
vic: Yeah, it’s 2am…. nothing doin!
A: I know that many people are wondering how you could pose naked so can you tell me what made you do it? I read the story but still it seems a bit unbelieveable
vic: Well, it was a bit odd. At Christmastime we were out for a drink with some friends and there was this old guy in the pub who just kept looking at my chest… you know the way they do?
A: Yup,MEN!
vic: Well, one moment when he looked away, I just whipped up my shirt…as I thought everyone else would see but not him!…. Well…these other guys were in the bar and one comes over saying he missed what I did and his mate had bet him I wouldn’t do it again…

So I was a bit shocked but decided I would if they gave me some money for charity (not really thinking that they would) But they did. The rest is history.
A: Men will do anything to see flesh!
A: How much have you raised so far?
vic: We started the site at the beginning of January and have made about £4000
A: how much is that in American dollars?
vic: $7200 or so
A: What do you charge and what does a person get to see for their money?
vic: I CHARGE NOTHING!!! If someone wants to donate then they can. As much or little as they want. There is a link to the page ‘photos’ where there are topless pics of me. Just topless.
A: So my next question is…what does the MS association think of this?
vic: Well the MSRC (Multiple Sclerosis Rescource Centre) have been brilliant. They are receiving every penny from the fundraising and they even link to my site from theirs
A: That is fantastic! How does your family feel about this?Have you had any negative reaction from anyone?
vic: No, no-one really. I think I have had 2 negative emails out the hundreds we have had. Aaah, my sister is very supporrtive of me. My parents are not in the slightest bit bothered.
A: Is this the only site that you have posed nude in?
vic: TOPLESS and yes, I have not done this before.
A: You think there is a difference between nude and topless?
vic: This is not just some publicity stunt for me, you know! I am proud to have raised awareness for MS and for the MSRC. If someone knows of an alternative way of making such money in such a short time, I wish they’d do it.
Yes, I think there is a difference. Especially here where most every morning newspaper has topless pics of women in them.

I am trying to change what people think of when they think DISABLED. When they think MS.
A: What exactly would you like Audacity Readers to gain from this mission?
vic: Well, if I can raise people’s awareness of MS and show anyone that needs it, the way to the MSRC, that’d be great.
A: Are you planning on taking more pictures ?
vic: Maybe. See what happens. I’d have to feel a bit better right now though. I am getting over a relapse, but I am OK.
vic: The press throughout Europe, South America the Ukraine and Australia have all been very supportive, but everyone in the US seems scared to touch the story.
You were all so shocked to learn that Janet Jackson has at least one breast!

A: I don’t think we were shocked in that way. I think I was upset that she couldn’t own up to her actions. For example, you went topless but you didnt deny it or blame it on the wardrobe.
vic: That is true. OMG! She tried to do that?? Silly cow!
A: Are you walking?
vic: Yeah, at the moment I have a very awkward gait, but I am walking. I have a stick (cane?) and a wheelchair but I try not to use either if I can manage it.
vic: Mostly I have pain in my limbs and numbness/pins & needles too. Sometimes I cannot see too well.
A Is this from recent medicine?
vic: I don’t get any medicine yet. This is how it has been on and off for 6 years but I did get a good long few years break in the middle.
It was getting late. We started to sign off.

A: Feel free to click on the online forum link and join and perhaps you can speak to others in the group to help spread the message.
vic: Good idea. I’ll have to drop by.
Click on to her website and help MS organizations improve the lifestyles of those who must live with it.

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