Reporting From Athens!

In Sports, Wheelin' and Dealin' by Kara Ayers

Music: live feed of the USA wheelchair b-ball game
Today the swimming competition began and it was a really exciting morning..we have to leave REALLY early and Mike leaves on the very first bus out at 6am to get seats for

the USA in the stands in the front middle of the athlete section. When we arrived, those of us not swimming had to do our workout in the outdoor upper pool–VERY cold before the sun comes up! But we got it done…My sprints were looking good. My starts are also doing lotsssss better..I think I’m going to use the Speedo mirrored speed sockets after MUCH deliberation between those and my View goggles..these are the ones I’m pretty sure They never fill with water, move, and they look cool

We had lots of swims to watch this morning, first Joe-he did alright but went out way too fast and didn’t make finals. Then we had the female S4 100 free–those girls train in my lane with me..Cheryl, Melanie, and Aimee ALL made finals! They swam well…hopefully they’ll do even better tonight in the fight for medals. In the S5 category, I got to see 3 of the girls that will swim in my race—Teresa Perales from Spain, Inabel Pezaro from Isreal, and Theresa Gogh from Singapore……Hope that race made them a lil tired!!! heeheehee….Then came the medley races….Rudy was seeded in the first heat, which is the slowest, his goal was to MAKE FINALS! He came out with an amazing swim and he set a new world record in PRELIMS!!!!! Only four heats later of events, he had to swim the 100 fly again! He came in 9th and was a little tired..barely missing finals for that event but tonight should still be awesome for him! Casey and Brandi had their 200IM together in the same heat, Casey cut 26 seconds and had a really good swim but missed finals by one spot..Brandi also missed it coming in 10th in the event. We also had a good showing in the 100 fly men’s with Prout, Mark Barr, and Justin all qualifying for the s9 category ALL the finals swimmers are within TWO SECONDS so it will be a crazy race tonight. Elizabeth, my roommate, had a hard race this morning because her goggles fell off after her turn and she couldn’t seem to get over that so she missed finals along with Ivy for the 100 fly. Still, we had a good start and everyone left excited…and hungry in my case! And to my excitement, I found really good food for lunch

I thought I would update you all and now I’m off for a nap–gotta start collecting my rest



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