Twitter’s Powerful Disabled People

In Audacious People by Nathasha Alvarez

Collage of powerful people raising an arm in unity
Nathasha Alvarez

This Covid-19 has all of us looking for information and for people to interact with or follow on social media. Twitter has amazing disabled advocates who are humble, full of audacity, information and passion. There is so much pettiness in the world. The disabled community needs people who know how to share the spotlight and shine it on others more than themselves. This short list of powerful people is probably not new to you if you are in the trenches. But if you are not familiar with them, get your Twitter profile ready to follow them to the ends of the world.

Emily Ladau

Emily is the definition of humble. She’s the Editor in Chief of Rooted in Roots. She was profiled here because we knew a long time ago that she was a powerful person.

Vilissa Thompson

Vilissa makes me laugh with her audacious comments. She ramps up her voice as a woman of color with a physical disability. Having your voice heard is important to her.

Imani Barbarin

Known as Crutches & Spice , her words are witty and snarky all rolled into one. When I am sipping my coffee or having my lunch break during this quarantine, I read her tweets to be informed and entertained at the same time.

Tony Jacobsen

We need a cheerleader in our corner. Tony does that. He’s optimistic about what we can achieve when we put positive thoughts into action. Lucky for us, he’s written about his journey for us. Click here.

See Mia Roll

I saw Mia on Instagram awhile back when she video taped her workouts. We both have Osteogenesis Imperfecta. I loved her audacious attitude. She’s the same on Twitter. Speaking on behalf of Asian Americans, disabled people and everyone else who needs to be heard.

Dominick Evans

One of our most memorable articles to date is Dominick’s. Click here but after you read the rest of this list. Speaking about topics that others shy from seems to be his speciality.

Alice Wong

Total disclosure. I’ve been following her on Twitter forever. Her maturity level is beyond reproach. Alice Wong is the go to person for being on the pulse of topics that affect all of us.

Tatyana McFadden

Her drive and positive attitude makes me want to take my manual wheelchair and push across the country. Tatyana is that motivating. Genuine all around.

Rather than make a long exhausted list of people, I will keep it sweet and short like me. I have a feeling you will be seeing another list in the near future because our disabled community is diversified and audacious.

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