Wishbone Awareness Day: Sharing On Facebook

I know my OI people are loving Wishbone Awareness Day all around the world. I know this because we have the Internet to keep us sharing every move we make in our lives. Isn’t that awesome? I love … [Read more...]

Dear Presidential Candidates, My Vote Counts

It will be over by tomorrow. We will know the results of our presidential election. No more ads. No more pandering to certain groups with promises of a better future.  Can’t wait, right? If you think … [Read more...]

Paralymic Pride

This past Wednesday, the 2012 Paralympic Games opened in London, England. The ceremony was live on the Internet. It appears NBC didn’t think it befitting to televise the ceremony on any of its … [Read more...]

Paralympics Deserve Equal Air Time and Social Media Coverage, Don’t You Agree?

  The Winter Olympics will soon be over and people will go back to their routine lives thinking that the best athletes in the world have done their job and our on their way home.  But that … [Read more...]

Miami-Dade County Paratransit Comes To A Dead End: So Where Does that Leave You? Stranded? Isolated?

You would never think that there could be so much drama and suspense in transporting the disabled but in Miami, Florida it's all that and more! Paratransit in Miami, Florida is operated by ATS, a … [Read more...]

Learning To Love Again

Several years ago, I wrote about Scrappy. He was the love of my life. A couple of years ago, I had to put him down. It was one of the saddest times of my life. I would come home and hope to see his … [Read more...]

Let’s Flush It!

Yesterday, I went to Barnes and Noble and had to use the ladies room. I was literally behind a lady entering the restroom as well. In fact, she held the door open for me so it was safe to assume she … [Read more...]

Healthcare Scare for the Physically Disabled

As a full time teacher, I am blessed to have medical insurance. But there was a time when any medical needs had to be through the government. Basically, I was at the mercy of Uncle Sam. One time a … [Read more...]

Is the Recession Stopping the Disabled From Commuting?

Budget cuts are the buzz words in today's world and rightly so. More and more leaders in organizations are found mismanaging company funds and profiting themselves. There is nothing wrong with … [Read more...]