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In Here's the Spin, News by Damian P. Gregory

The 60-day Florida Legislative Session adjourned on April 30, 2004. Several strides were made for people with disabilities this session.

Thanks to the lobbying of disability advocates, including myself, Florida’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, a government agency designed to provide people with disabilities with training and work related equipment in order for them to become employed and ultimately self-sufficient, was able to able to get more money from the federal government.

This will ensure that the agency will be able to provide more services to those in the disability community.

A new bill signed into law requires that Homeowner’s Associations be required to construct ramps so that residents with disabilities will have access to all association functions.

Sadly, despite the vigorous attempts by several lawmakers and advocates, the Legislature did not get a chance to vote on a bill that would have provided assistance with activities of daily living to many of the most severely disabled in Florida.

The bill, which would have helped hundreds in Florida, died early in the committee process.

Be sure to read upcoming additions for my personal reflections on the 2004 Legislative Session and the need for more people with disabilities to become a part of the political process.

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