Twitter, Goodsearch, and You!

In Here's the Spin, News by Nathasha Alvarez

Audacity Magazine has been working busily behind the scenes to make it a better place for you. You can follow the updates with Twitter under the name audaciouslady…but, of course!

If you are living an audacious life, let us know about it and we will follow you on twitter as well!

We need your help. As people with physical disabilities, we know when to ask for help. So we are asking!

You might not have two pennies to rub together but you still search for tidbits on the internet then use Goodsearch and type in Audacity Magazine as your charity of choice.

The company gets one penny for every search! Hey, every penny counts! They even have online stores that will donate a certain percentage of their proceeds from your purchases to Audacity Magazine!

Use goodsearch to shop and surf the web while helping us make Audacity Magazine a better site for you.

The best help you can give us to tell other people to do the same! I am sure you have tons of friends…don’t be so greedy. Sharing is caring!

We are currently having technical difficulties with our Paypal account but when it’s fixed, we will let you know so you can empty out that petty cash you have lying around the house. We accept everything. Look under the sofa…yes, that might require you to get out of your wheelchair. But I am sure you agree that it’s worth it!
What will we do with your pennies?

Many wonderful and audacious events will take place. We look forward to hiring full time writers, contributors, and editors. We want to hold a mini conference in Miami, Florida!

Help us help others live an audacious life!