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Crips, Gimps, whatever!

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Every minority group has at least one issue which divides them. For people of African descent, it is the word nigger. Some view that word as one so steeped in the sting of history’s pain, that the mere mention of the word causes them to wince and react viscerally. Still, …

ADA Compliance Takes Strange Twists

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In December 2000, the San Diego City Council approved a deal where they would compensate the Chargers for any seats lost at Qualcomm Stadium in making the stadium ADA compliant. In improvements totalling some $78 million, nearly 2000 seats were restricted, obscured or eliminated in installing ramps and modified seating …

Closest to Us

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It’s a rather interesting phenomenon: As members of the disabled community, we spend our time denouncing stereotypes and proving to the outside world that we are more than what they judge us to be. After all of our effort, we come to find that those we never thought needed schooling, …