Your Generous Funds Help Audacity Stay Alive

In Here's the Spin, News by Nathasha Alvarez

Four years ago, when Audacity Magazine first started it was merely a blog that I wrote with the help of some awesome friends.

Time passed and people continued to visit the site on a regular basis. It was a dream come true.

As a teacher, I invested my own funds into this audacious adventure and found other like minded people who liked the idea and supported the direction of the magazine.

Without these people and their generous contributions, we might not have Audacity Magazine what it is today.

As the editor, president and founder of Audacity Magazine, I have had the privilege of traveling to conferences to meet new people and speak to thousands of people with physical disabilities.

Our disabled population might not be the loudest yet nor the most wealthy, yet, but it is definitely one of the most diverse group of people around.

We want to keep Audacity Magazine going at full speed and we want to expand to bring you more of what you want to read.

So take this opportunity to see what you can do to help. You might think you can’t do anything but I can assure you that everyone can do something.

Perhaps you might know someone who is looking for a good non profit organization to make a donation for spiritual or tax purposes. Let’s not kid ourselves, non profits are great for tax write offs. (SMILE)

Perhaps you want to contribute with a small donation by using your paypal account or you can send a check or money order to our PO BOX.

In fact, if you can’t do either of those things then perhaps you can spread the word about Audacity Magazine to your local media or internet friends.

If you are going to send a donation, please make the checks payable to World Wide Ability, Inc.

World Wide Ability Inc., the parent company of Audacity Magazine, is a non profit 501 (c)(3). Audacity Magazine PO Box 0336 Miami, Florida 33296-0336

Here are a few of the generous people and organizations who have given their time and/or monetary contributions to Audacity Magazine.

Thank you for your past contributions.
The Bottomline Of South Florida
Gregory Banks
Damien P. Gregory
Athena Cooper
Every writer who has ever submitted an article for publication

and the anonymous donor who sent us a money order ! Thank you where ever you are.

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